how to recipe in my fitness pal

By far one of the meltiest 😅aspects of counting macros is creating recipes correctly in MFP. So we’re starting a new series on #HowToRecipeinMFP 👩🏼‍🏫👩🏻‍🏫!  So let's start with the basics methodology:

1) Navigate to the “More” section & select “Meals, Recipes & Foods”.

2) Select the blue bar at the bottom “Create a Recipe”.
From here you can either “add from the web” to import your recipe or select “Enter Ingredients Manually” to input them yourself.

3) Enter the weight of your RAW ingredients BEFORE they are the amount of uncooked pasta, raw chicken etc. MFP will match your ingredients, but DO review them & scan in the labels from the ingredients you are actually using to ensure accuracy (you can't blindly trust MFP even with the green shield).

4) You will be asked for the “Title/ Recipe Name” & the “Servings/ Serves how many people?”. Rather than put in the number of people it serves: enter the total weight of the recipe AFTER it has been cooked. (If you are creating this recipe in advance put a placeholder number here and go back in and edit it when you have the final weight).

💡By entering the total weight in grams as the number of servings-- you are calculating the nutrition content for your recipe by the gram! So rather than being restricted to eating ⅛ (or whatever fraction) of your recipe--you can weigh out ANY portion you like, enter the grams of your personal serving size into your diary--and MFP will calculate the nutrition info for you.

🙄Is this annoying? Yes!
😫Has doing this been frustrating, caused headaches and the occasional cry-fest? Also yes.
👉But once you get the hang of it, it’ll open doors to meals you never thought you could have.

AND once a recipe is entered, MFP will save it for you--all you need to do is edit ingredients if you do it differently in the future! Also, if your MFP friends are eating with you, they can pull the macros off your personal diary & adust their portion size!

Heidi & Natalie