califia almond milk

We can all agree there some basic truths in life right? 🌟 Golden rule type stuff: don't kill people☠, don't steal💰, and most importantly...

🥛DRINK @califiafarms almond/plant milks. 🆗

Their products are not just a macro game changer🏀--they are a macro game 🎮 MAKER.

We use them on the daily 📅 to make Proats and/or mix our favorite protein powders for a shake on the go.📆

This is a 🏄 California company so availability in your area might be different BUT you can purchase packs of 8⃣ on their website for about $50 (shipping seems to hover around the $5 mark) 🤗. Yes, 8⃣ bottles is a lot it’s true but unopened they last in your fridge for several months (opened it’s the usual 7-10 days)--and having extra could really soothe a scarcity complex! 😎

💕FAVORITE FLAVORS (8 fl oz serving):
❤Vanilla Almondmilk F3 C4 P1
❤ Cinnamon Horchata F2 C15 P1
❤ Toasted Coconut Almondmilk F4 C1 P1
❤ Vanilla Coconut Horchata F2 C15 P1
⭐ Go Coconuts Coconut Milk F4 C2 P0
⭐ Cinnamon Almondmilk F4 C6 P1
⭐ Toasted Oats N’ Almond Almondmilk F1.2 C2 P1
⭐ Unsweetened Almondmilk F3 C1 P1
⭐ Chocolate Coconut F4.5 C11 P2