red robin

😅Any place with "Bottomless" can scare the pants👖off you but with a little homework before you go you can keep those booty gains in check!
🍸Freckled lemonade light C22
The Marco Pollo F32 C49 P61
Grilled turkey F39 C53 P33
Keep it Simple F32 C47 P35
Garden Burger F23 C72 P18
Wedgie burger F28 C12 P33
Bruschetta chicken F29 C46 P42
Simply grilled chicken w/fruit F15 C85 P37
Fiery Ghost Tavern Double F33 C25 P36
Smoky Jack Tavern Double F39 C39 P36
Ensenada Chicken Platter F13 C19 P58
Chicken Tortilla F10 C18 P12
Clamdiggers Clam Chowder F15 C19 P9
French Onion F12 C23 P8
Red’s Chilli F10 C17 P16