macro training wheels

Looking to get started with Macros but you’re kind of intimidated and/or overwhelmed? Here are some training wheels style tips!

1️⃣TRACK. Download My Fitness Pal (or another food diary app) and start tracking your intake. Pay attention to serving sizes, consider weighing your food to make sure your portions are accurate!

2️⃣PROTEIN. Shoot for 30 grams of protein at each meal (a food diary app will help you track this). Try to hit 100 grams of protein in a day. Experiment with different types of protein, there are great sources beyond chicken: think ham, tuna, turkey, pastrami etc.

3️⃣WATER. Get yourself a fun water bottle and shoot for half your body weight in ounces. Follow the @realheidipowell tip and take 10 gulps every time you bring a glass to your lips!

4️⃣REPLACE. Instead of thinking: “Don’t have that brownie. Don’t have that brownie” on repeat--try drinking a chocolate protein shake. Instead of thinking “Don’t drink diet coke. Don’t drink diet coke”...drink some water first. Instead of restriction and denial--try replacing!

5️⃣MAKE IT A MOMENT. And you know what: if in a clear state of mind you decide you want that thing...go ahead! Instead of finishing in 3 bites in the corner of the kitchen or munching it up the stairs...Get into a cozy spot, get some back support, close your eyes and ENJOY IT.

🚴🏻‍♀️🚴🏼‍♀️Just starting out with any of these 5 will make it feel like second nature when you're ready to ride that bike!