outback steakhouse


G'day mates! Here's a list of the most macro friendly! Head over to @butteryourmacros_restaurants for quick & easy navigating!


🐟Seared Peppered Ahi, Large F22 C18 P30

🍤Wood Fired Grilled Shrimp F25 C44 P34

🥩Victoria's Filet Mignon

9 oz F14 C<1 P60

6 oz F9 C0 P40

🥩Outback Center-Cut Sirloin

12 oz F13 C<1 P76

9 oz F10 C<1 P57

6 oz F7 C0 P38

🐓Grilled Chicken on the Barbie, w/vegetables

8 oz F16 C28 P59

5 oz F13 C28 P35

🥩🍤Sirloin & Grilled Shrimp

12 oz F22 C5 P90

9 oz F19 C5 P71

6 oz F15 C4 P52

🥩🥥🍤Sirloin, 6 oz & Coconut Shrimp F24 C42 P50


🥕Seasonal Mixed Veggies F10 C17 P4

🥦Fresh Steamed Broccoli F10 C14 P6

🎍Grilled Asparagus F4.5 C5 P3

🥥🍤Gold Coast Coconut Shrimp F17 C41 P12

🍤Grilled Shrimp F9 C4 P14

🦂Lobster Tail, (5 oz steamed) F24 C1 P27

🍄Sauteed Mushrooms F6 C11 P7

🥓Smoky Bacon Bourbon Topping F6 C6 P7

🥔Homestyle Mashed Potatoes F15 C21 P5

SALADS (dressing not included)

🥗Side House F6 C12 P5

🥗Aussie Cobb F23 C19 P23

🐓+ Grilled Chicken F3.5 C0 P31


👗Blue Cheese Vinaigrette F23 C8 P2

👑Caesar F19 C2 P2

🍯Honey Mustard F20 C12 P<1

💡Light Balsamic (1.5oz) F5 C8 P0

👩‍🌾Ranch F23 C1 P<1



w/Raspberry Sauce F62 C105 P17

w/Chocolate Sauce F75 C92 P17

🍪Salted Caramel Cookie Skillet F45 C124 P10


Bloomin Onion F155 C123 P18

Honey Wheat Bread & Butter F9 C51 P10