protein + carbs


OUT of FAT but left with CARBS & PROTEIN? Here's some quick ideas to help you hit those numbers. {Some of these require a little fat, but that's where you can use that +/- 5 rule 😉} #bymmacrometer for all other combos!

🍍Fruit (get that 🍌), fruit juices, applesauce

🥕Veggies with fat free ranch or fresh lemon squeezed

🥛Protein shakes

🍥Cereal with non fat Fairlife milk (a BYM fave)

🍞Toast or English muffin with jam

🥞Pancakes and syrup


🇬🇷fat free Greek yogurt with fruit

🍫No Pudge brownie!!!

🍘Oatmeal with brown sugar/ grits

🍧Pudding cup


🍝Pasta with Barilla marinara


🧀Fat free cheese- cottage

🥐Bagel with fat free cream cheese

🍨Sorbet, sherbet, fat free froyo

🥚Egg whites/ egg substitutes

🍗Extra lean meat cuts

🥖Pita bread



🍰Angel food cake

🌽Low fat microwave popcorn

🍬Hard and jelly candies

🍜Broth or vegetable soups