(from a) dear girl who's been dieting for 35 years


 **We received this letter from one of our Macro Challenge clients (next round starts April 23--then we're taking a break!).

"I joined The Macro Challenge with the hopes of losing weight...again.  I have been a dieter for the past 35 years and I was tired.  Tired of another failed diet. Tired of the restriction, the guilt, the hunger, the frustration. I didn’t have another 35 years in me to be this way. I really did not have any hope that I could ever eat and feel good about my body at the same time.

Learning how to count macros was not hard for me.  I understood how to do it and to some extent, it had been part of some of my past diets.  The huge difference was that this was NOT A DIET and I could choose what I wanted to eat and nothing was off limits.  There was no way this could work for ME, right? I literally had to tell myself out loud, almost every day, "you are not on a diet" . After a couple of weeks of counting and balanced eating, I noticed that I was feeling better and that I was not craving candy everyday.  I told myself I could eat that candy if I wanted to, but I didn't want to.  I wanted real food!  Although the scale didn't move much, I started noticing I looked and felt leaner.  That was not an easy thing to accept because, for me, the scale is all knowing and all powerful.  It moves up, mood goes down.  It moves down, mood and eating go up!  I liked what I was FEELING and not just what I was seeing.  I liked having choices.

The coaches have been amazing and have a wealth of knowledge that they share freely.  They know first-hand that it works and they truly want everyone to experience the happiness and freedom that comes from fueling their bodies properly.  I can't begin to express how grateful I am to them for helping me.  This may sound dramatic, but I feel like I have been released from a prison that I have been in my whole life. A prison I finally can see clearly. My mom passed away at 85 years old--still shaming herself, still hating her body. That won’t be me. I still have a long way to go in accepting my body, but now I have the tools AND the hope that I can do it. I AM FREE."