proats! (protein oatmeal)


Hello Proats my old friend! A standby for many of us, this is my favorite breakfast ❀️πŸ₯£! I know the thought of adding liquid egg whites is super creepy, but they cook! PROMISE!! And they add a nice fluffy/meringue-ish element--plus it's a great protein boost 😁

Macros without add-ins:

5.5F 31C 30.5P**


🌾1/3 cup @coachsoats or any steel cut oats

πŸ₯›1/2 cup almond milk (c'mon it's gotta be @califiafarms)

πŸ’§1/2 cup water

πŸ₯š1/2 cup liquid egg whites

πŸ’ͺ1/2 scoop protein powder

Bring water & almond milk to a low boil, add Coach's oats. After the oats have been cruising for a minute or so and are starting to clump together, add the egg whites (and collagen peptides if using) and beat vigorously with a fork for 30+ seconds. Continue cooking until desired consistency, then cover your pot and let it chill for 5ish minutes. Add 1/2 scoop of protein powder, adding additional Califia almond milk if needed or just because it's delicious.


Almond Butter (15g/ 1T) = 9F 3C 3.6P

Brown Sugar (5g) = 0F 4C 0P

Butter (5g) = 4F 0C 0P

Collagen Peptides (11g) = 0F 0C 10P

Chopped @fitcrunchbars = 8F C14 P16

Hershey's s'mores pieces (pictured - 15g) = F3 C11 P1

What's YOUR favorite way to make oatmeal? What are your favorite toppings hmmm??? Tell us!!