hello my name is Protein


Hey, it's me, Protein. Can we be honest for a second? I feel like you’re taking me for granted. I mean, do you realize how much you need me? Your body literally needs me every day for nearly every metabolic activity. Remember how you used to call me the “building blocks of your body”? I loved that. I know I’m not the most attractive or delicious macro. I can’t really compete with Fats & Carbs. But no one supports your muscle growth like I do. When training breaks your muscles down, who is there to repair them? Those other macros? You can’t be serious. I’m always there synthesizing skeletal & connective tissues, neurotransmitters, enzymes, immune system chemicals...I could go on. You think because I show up in most foods, I’m all about the single life--but I’m not. I know you don’t want to hear it but I’m made of amino acids. That’s just who I am. Everybody everywhere needs amino acids. Is that my fault? Is it my fault that people lose small amounts of amino acids every day? That’s why Protein stores should be continually replenished by a moderate intake at regular intervals. It’s the truth. It’s not just me being egotistical or insecure.


I’m tired of playing games. Yes, you can produce non-essential amino acids on your own--but when it comes to essential amino acids--you NEED me. When you don’t get enough of me you can go into a catabolic state, is that what you want? To waste away your muscle mass? I don’t need to be your one & only macro. That’s not what I’m saying. Doing that would hurt us both. And yes, I know what it costs you to be with me, 4 calories per gram. But do you remember the high thermic effect I have on your body? It’s better than with other macros--digesting me increases your energy expenditure & can help you lose weight.


So I’m not the easiest to be in a relationship with. When you’re counting my intake level can be intimidating, irritating even. So dress me up with Fats & Carbs! Let’s just have fun. I know I need to be more confident & I'll try. All l really want is to be there for you & your muscles, to make you feel satisfied & to help you feel fuller for longer. So please consume me, I want to be a part of your dietary intake.