why  count macros


The mystery has been solved! Counting macros will educate you on basic nutrition principles that you can use for the rest of your life--you will learn how to manage your own dietary intake. No more yo-yo dieting, no more random weight gains and no more expensive superfoods. As you track your food intake, you will educate yourself on nutrition content and portion size and better understand the needs of your individual body.


What we love most about Macros is that is it inclusive. Foods are no longer “good” or “bad”, any food can be included based on proportion & personal choice! No more heavy restrictions, no more dodging food & say ‘so long’ to guilt and shame. By balancing your food intake you will find your food freedom.


We like to compare counting macros to living on a budget. Your macros are your cash--and it’s your money so spend it wisely and on what matters to you. Since all foods can be included, your perspective will sharpen on what foods are ‘worth it’ to you and what foods are not!

Anyone & everyone can count macros and you can do it in your own way. It does take effort but this is sustainable as a lifestyle! Advice, opinions, strategies and experts are everywhere! And while some of it can be helpful--too much can also be overwhelming and discouraging. You don’t need to become a different person to be successful...all you need to do is discover how to count macros your way. And we are here to help!

do it your way

Don’t lose weight--lose fat! Any diet can help make the scale go down--but that loss will be a combination of fat AND muscle. Macros is about changing your body composition (losing fat tissue & building lean muscle mass)--a transformation the bathroom scale cannot measure. Counting macros will challenge your metabolism to work harder for you and help you achieve your personal fitness goals.

redefine success