how to count

1. get your numbers

There are plenty online calculators that will calculate your macro numbers for you. You can alos get your numbers customized by a coach to reflect your lifestyle and your goals. Hit your numbers everyday within +/-5 grams. Plan & prepare in ways that work for you! Remember: mess up’s happen and tomorrow is a fresh start!


You will need a food scale and a food diary. We recommend using MyFitnessPal app (iphone & android). Measuring food by weight is the more accurate than measuring by volume (using measuring cups or spoons). Get acquainted with your scale & weigh everything you eat whenever you can! Tracking your food intake is an essential part of macro magic so make sure you record everything you eat as accurately as possible!


Your success in macros will be determined by your accuracy & consistency. The process of weighing, tracking & hitting your numbers is often a big adjustment. But we are here to help you! So be patient with yourself & the process!

Chart your progress by weight & measurement (you will need a flexible measuring tape). But remember the bathroom scale number is not the most accurate reflection of improvement. So pay attention to your energy, how your clothes fit & how you feel!

4. measure your progress

Changing how we eat is rarely just about food. It’s an emotional adjustment as well. As you move forward you may struggle with willpower, self-doubt, disappointment or frustration. This is normal. It’s not super fun--but normal. If/when these doubts creep in remind yourself of your goals. You can do this & you deserve all the good things in life.

5. mindset