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ep. 32 the expectations episode with jordan lips @jordanlipsfitness


We're hanging with Jordan Lips again for a full-on expose. on all your effort and the expectations that come with it.

Some of the things we talk about

- what's realistic when it comes to my results with weight loss and muscle gain?

- what do I have to do to stay lean year- round?

- how do I balance my social life and my goals?

- what's the happy medium for me and my physique?

- do I have to do all the same things to keep what I've accomplished?

- do I have to track, get steps, exercise and eat the same to maintain?

- how much effort do I REALLY have to put in?

- how long does it take and what does it take to be IG fit?

and more!

ep. 31 we quit!! on giving up your goals with amber brueseke @bicepsafterbabies


Discover what Amber, Heidi & Natalie have recently quit!

And more about quitting and getting past your fear of failure.

In this episode:

Exposing our roadblocks

Making a decision to quit & how you feel afterwards

How will others view me if I quit?

Making decisions for ourselves & not for others

Assessing our emotions when making decisions to act or to not act

Validating your decisions

Coaching clients who want to quit when things get hard

Bringing the bar down to an attainable level

What is it going to mean to you to make it?

What is it going to mean to you to give it up?

Wha am I doing this?

Honoring your goals - is the juice worth the squeeze and more!

ep. 30 the active life with laurie christine king @lauriechristineking


This week features on of our most anticipated guests: the one and only Laurie Christine King! Come along for. a deep dive into the brain of this athlete who's mission in life is to get you strong and well-fed.

In this get-to-know-you session, we talk about:

injuries, overtraining & adaptation

self acceptance & your genetic potential

social media comparison traps

how to achieve your goals

plenty of food talk and plenty of laughs

and more!

ep. 29 you need to calm down and the way to stress less with lynn jimenez @connectflowgrow


EVERYONE'S STRESSED and it's not necessarily a good thing. While there are good and bad stressors, how we cope is everything.

Today we have LCSW Lynn Jimenez of @connectflowgrow on the podcast and dare we say it's one of our most favorite yet.

She walks us through our stressors and practical activities like the stress thermometer and a guided meditation ON AIR to really open us all up to what we're up against.

In this episode

Stress awareness


Your stressors

What they feel like

How to manage and address them

What IS positive stress

The Stress Thermometer

And how it affects YOUR WORLD.

ep. 28 the confidence episode - does losing weight really = confidence


Does feeling your "best" at a certain weight or size REALLY mean you are confident?

We asked on Instagram what your beliefs around weight loss were and it was unanimous, "I'll feel more confident."

In this episode we break down what confidence is and what it's not.

Natalie shares about her experience chasing ultimate confidence at 1195 calories and leaving with hers crumbled, and Heidi shares about her experience attaining ultimate leanness and it not being the confidence piece she had hoped it would bring.

Also, some action items for you to examine where your beliefs about confidence and how to absolved yourself of confidence conditions!

ep. 27 you're not old but your beliefs might be - diving into all your dieting drama with kim schlag @kimschlagfitness


AGING. It's happening whether we like it or not. But it's NOT what we've been raised to believe it is.

Or what we've been believing might be more of the problem.

This week we chat about ALL things aging and old school beliefs with Coach Kim Schlag- personal trainer and nutrition coach for women  40+.

Is your metabolism broken after a certain age?
Is it true that when I turn 40 everything is harder or impossible?
What is in store for me if I've been chasing weight loss for decades?
What about all the beliefs I've been raised on and do they still apply? Carbs? Sugar? Eating at night? Dexatrim? Slim teas?
What about lifting weights/cardio/and walking being a loser exercise?

And more!

ep. 26 the honest truth about letting yourself go and other beliefs you hold with holly priestland @hollypriestland


In this incredible episode some of the things we chat with Holly Priestland @hollypriestland about

The epic power of "I let myself go" 

Is your productivity obsession healthy or toxic

Are you using fitness to avoid your feeelings

What is your body forcing you to confront

What maintaining abs for 3 years cost- her journey of recovery from hypothalamic amenorrhea

Overcoming your negative food beliefs

And more big AHA moments coming at you.

ep. 25 all about cutting calories - your weight loss questions answered



WEIGHT LOSS and CUTTING CALORIES what's the download on how to approach a weight loss phase with success?

We've coached 1000s of women through this process and we're going to share our most currently formed thoughts and science with you in this episode.

Here's what we cover!

1. When to start one

2. How long is the perfect cut time frame

3. Ideal Length

4. Where to start TDEE/%/cut calories

5. How much is a good rate of loss

6. How long of a cut is too long before adaption occurs and. you have to cut lower/plateaus/when to change macros

7. Reasonable BF% to expect to lose

8. Conflicted between "slow and steady" and "don't be in a deficit too long"

9. Post pregnancy cutting

10. Surgery/illness cutting

11. Larger weight loss goals

12. How long should I be in a cutting phase

13. Diet breaks - necessary? Helpful?

14. How long is a reasonable amount of time before needing a break

15. More restrictive but in n out or longer smaller cut

16. Getting through 2nd half of cut when more tired

17. Super cranky on low calories - ok to do longer

18. Why do people cut after maintenance then bulk and do this over. and over

19. What are some scenarios that wouldn't warrant a cut after a bulk

20. Overcoming binge and restrict cycle and beating discouragement

21. Transitioning in and out of a cut





ep. 24 weight loss isn't therapy with zach anderson @ motionsustained


"when I lose the weight I'll feel better about myself"
"my weight is the problem"
"I'll be happy, confident, and more present when I lose these pounds"
"I'm not worthy at this weight"

Have you ever thought or uttered these sentences? We ALL have. 

Because we believe that the smaller we are the more acceptable we are.

And the smaller we are the happier we are.

In this honest and vulnerable podcast we gab with the open and emotionally generous Zach Anderson on why when his life was falling apart he realized that losing weight wasn't going to fix it. We talk about our own therapy revelations, prioritizing mental health with physical health, how being in an emotional surplus can't be solved with a caloric deficit and more.

ep. 23 why weight loss won't fix you with phychotherapist julie hanks @drjuliehanks


The number 1 reason women say they want to lose weight is "to feel better about myself".  But does it work? (not does the diet work - does losing weight make you feel better)

We hear that women are objectified in society--but would you believe you do that to yourself?

We inherit all kinds of things from our parents, did you realize this includes your thoughts?

Our guest this week is the extraordinary therapist, teacher and author: Dr Julie Hanks! Join us as we discuss the ways in which your sense of self was structured by society and childhood, and how self-limiting beliefs often live in places you never have noticed or questioned. She even gives her best advice on how to start building a better relationship with you!

ep. 22 on losing 150 pounds and tackling overwhelming goals with chase smith @changing_chase


Starting at 382 pounds can seem overwhelming- but Chase Smith persisted past his "I am the problem" mindset to lose an incredible 150 pounds. 

We have a candid chat about what life was like at the time, during, and after his weight loss and if it ended up in a happier ever after. 

Does weight loss solve your problems?
Can it cure binge eating? 
Can we use our goals as tools to fix ourselves?

And more!

ep. 21 frenemies - your aesthetic goals + your mental health with @jordanlipsfitness



"Why is maintenance so much harder than a deficit?"

"how do you balance your mental health with your aesthetic goals?"

"if you had to pick one exercise to do for the rest of your life..."

and of course, why your grandma needs creatine!

Join us as we answer YOUR submitted questions with our community jacked IG BFF @jordanlipsfitness!

ep. 20 butters blind date - ask us anything


We pulled this weeks episode from a Live Q + A we held earlier this week, we called it a Butters Blind Date!

Join us as we talk shop with a few women about their current plans and struggles! We're all about sharing what we know to help you figure out what you want and get there faster!

ep. 19 "you're not smart, but good thing you're pretty" = how your story narrates your goals 


Who do you think you are?  we mean that literally...what is your story? 

is it true?

how do you feel when you believe that story? today's episode is a snippet from a Mind Your Macros group coaching call where we talk to one of our favorite clients about her story problems.

the truth is our stories, our self concept and our personality are based on what we believe about ourselves.

beliefs are thoughts we think over and over, they are our most practiced neural pathways. many of them are conditioned responses that may not serve us at all.

but becoming aware of what we believe about ourselves and our worth, is the secret to having leverage over them.

awareness gives you choices.

it gives you the opportunity to create new thoughts, intentionally create new beliefs, to keep what you serves you and adios what doesn't.

ok maybe it's not quite as easy as that, but it is a heckuva lot easer than living life burdened with shame and "shoulds", hustling to fix all your flaws and wearing yourself out on the hedonistic treadmill.

it's discomfort either way for sure, but there is no substitute in this great wide world for living life with your own support.

just like those annoying math problems of yesteryear...the concept of self acceptance may seem simple but it can get confusing when it comes to how to apply the principle especially when you have goals!

We hope you enjoy an exclusive look into our Mind Your Macros coaching program!

ep. 18 oh baby - before and after pregmancy with @biceps.after.babies 


This week our guest is Amber, @biceps.after.babies! Join us as we discuss our own history with pregnancy, expectations and the comparison trap! In between anecdotes we discuss what it means to "get healthy" and can a little bit of selfishness actually make you a better mother?

ep. 17 on gaining 20 lbs + still liking yuourself: scale expectaitons, goals + the weight between your ears 


It's a tell all on today's episode! Join us as we discuss whys elf - acceptance is actually your best success strategy, how to build awareness around everything from your conditional closet to your own limiting beliefs and of course: how to love yourself at ANY weight.

ep. 16 perfectionism + body image + kids with kendra huffman @bravestlove 


Have a teen? Know a teen? Were you ever a teen? In today's episode, we talk all about raising, educating, and struggling with children and teens and how most of it comes down to us and our own childhoods.

One of the biggest challenges youth are faced with today is an overwhelming amount of anxiety and perfectionism-  whether it's pressure from home, school, peers, society, and social media.

Dive in with us and Kendra Huffman of @bravestlove, a certified teen life coach, who specializes in working through and supporting them in their most formative years.

Even if you don't have children you've been one yourself,- and realizing some of your own childhood beliefs can unlock a lot about your current self and beliefs.

This is the bravest love- to love yourself unconditionally. 


ep. 15 butters q+a: 25 burning maintenance questions answered


You asked, we answered! Maintenance is probably THE HARDEST phase for many people. tobe in, taking the pursuit of weight loss off the table and focusing away from the scale can be paralyzing.

In this q+a we answer over 25 of your questions - relevant to EVERYONE who's been in maintenance, attempting to reverse, and hearing about it even for the first time. 

A few questions we cover:

Why does the scale go up?

When can I cut again?

Maintenance without racking?

Gaing weight vs gaining fat please say more

How do I know I'm doing it right?

And more!


ep. 14 becoming a badass-confident for life with katie sonier @katiesonier


Did you know that strength training is your best protection against holiday fat gain?

Did you also know that that is the least interesting or sexy thing about it?

Did you know that the process of getting physically stronger can also make you mentally stronger--it’s a GUARANTEED confidence builder.

Can you have a healthy body without a healthy mind? And would you even want that?

Join us as we discuss how to be strong for LIFE with our special guest Katie Sonier @katiesonier! 

*PS if the term "badass" offends you.. maybe skip this one, we try to keep it generally clean but there is no satisfactory euphemism for this one! 😜

ep. 13 conditional self acceptance with sarah tierney @thechubbycrossfitter


This week we’re talking about the condition of conditional self acceptance with our just Sarah Tierney a.k.a. @thechubbycrossfitter 

Many of us actively avoid self acceptance thinking it will drain their motivation—when in reality it’s 10X fuel and where you find all the good feelings you want to feel! 

Join us as we discuss how to drop the “I’ll feel more confident when ___” and why it matters that you do!

ep. 12 hitting rock bottom with beth feraco @bethferacofitness


Have you ever hit rock bottom?
Do you know what your negative self beliefs are?
Our guest this week knows more than a thing or two about transformation--join us as we chat with Beth Feraco about:

  • Hitting rock bottom and coming out on top.
  • Getting out of the victim mentality.
  • Shame and addiction.
  • Tolerating vs reacting to your negative emotions.
  • Our tendency to eat instead of feel.
  • Self efficacy - your ability to believe in yourself.
  • What makes people want to give up.
  • feeling good can actually be good FOR you.

And maybe best of all—it’s never too late to be the person you want to be. ❤️

ep. 11 on having it all with Michaela North @hungryfitness


Our guest this week is THE Michaela North: Crossfit Games athlete, coach/ entrepreneur AND mother of 4! We had so many questions for Michaela--and we only got to a few!! 

Join us as we discuss the balance motherhood and personal goals, finding your purpose, finding a coach and how selfishness can make you a more present parent, spouse and/ or friend!

ep. 10  what the fluff & other F words


"I feel...fluffy"  seems to be the new seemingly less offensive way to say "I feel fat".

Join us as we chat about the way physiological stress impacts how we feel and therefore how we experience everything from our physical bodies to our relationships.

Because here's the truth: the fluffliness you feel calls up the unworthiness you thought losing weight would fix. It doesn't work this way. Because it's not about the weight--it's the toxic belief that you can control your physical body to make up for your unmet emotional needs.

What are you hoping weight loss will fix for you?

ep. 09 the skinny on getting lean + bulding muscle with ocean trail


There's no question society and women themselves put a lot of pressure on themselves to look a certain way--these days it's all about looking "lean and toned". But what does it really take to see a significant transformation? 

Join us and our gorgeous guest Ocean Trail (@ocean.trail) as we discuss nutrition, body composition and the cost of getting lean. As an experienced athlete, competitor, and bodybuilder Ocean shares her journey to jackedness with us--you don't want to miss this one!

ep. 08 under the influence with mikayla coley


Mikayla Coley of LYB Nutrition is all about loving your body, which is what we all want right?

So why is it so hard to do--can't  you just decide to? What are the obstacles in your way? How do you get to a place of acceptance with your body?

Join us as we discuss what's been pivotal for each of us in our efforts to love our bodies--as well as the most common stressful beliefs and patterns we see in our clients!

ep. 07 calorie entitlement with jordan lips 


Have you ever thought, why do my favorite fitness pros get to eat so much and how can I?

How do I know how many calories to eat? How do we calculate TDEE/metabolism?

How do I increase my calorie target or "boost" my metabolism? And if I do, can I cut calories at a higher balance?

Doesn't building more muscle get me more calories?

In this episode with Jordan Lips @jordanlipsfitness we get into metabolism and calorie requirements AND the why, who, how of eating MORE.

ep. 06 men + coaching + machines with jordan lips 


Our guest this week is boy genius Jordan Lips @jordanlipsfitness. His honest to the point brilliance obviously makes him one of favorites in the fitness space and we're thrilled to chat with him.


In this episode:

Get to know his fitness journey

The difference between coaching men and women

Men + body image- are they ever insecure

Gym intimidation

Machines in the gym- which ones to make your BFF/ones to avoid

Raising fitness minded kids + future kids

ep. 05 love + lies + fitness with natalie clay


Does your partner want you to lose weight?
Have you ever wanted your partner to get in shape?
Do other people's judgements get to you?

Our guest this week is the FANTASTIC Natalie Clay (@natalieclaycoaching) - join us as we discuss the drama around dieting and fitness in our relationships whether that be your significant other, friends, mothers, mean girls...and of course your relationship with YOU.
Come bask in Natalie's funny, relatable and oh-so-wise perspective - it's the pivot you've been waiting for!

ep. 04 peace with the scale


 Here's the truth:

The scale fluctuates.
for all kinds of reasons.
YOU fluctuate.
for all kinds of reasons.
(and yes, both tend to fluctuate even more around your period)

So if you're emotionally tied to what you see on the scale--hold on to your hats and glasses because you're strapping into a roller coaster!

Join us as we talk about the ins and outs (literal and metaphorical) that impact your bodyweight, what that data means and what it doesn't mean, as well as how to get a better relationship with what many women see as their arch nemesis: the scale.

ep. 03 all about macros


n this episode, we talk all about macros!

What are macros & why are they important.
How they're calculated.
How important are/aren't they with respect to your fitness/weight loss goals.
How to adjust your numbers.
Energy balance (why diets work and don't work)
Reverse Dieting
How to evaluate progress
How to be successful

And more!

ep. 02 our Insecurities



In this episode we talk about our biggest insecurities, and how we have approached, and how we continue to approach them. We've found that more often than not, our perceived "flaws" are actually wounds and  it is through the practice of self-awareness that you can begin to question long-held beliefs about who you are and what you're capable of.

ep. 01 how it all began



In today's episode, we talk about our most asked question- what made you start your fitness journey? When did it all begin, emotional hurdles, ingrained beliefs about exercise, no expectations, how it evolved with macro counting, where we currently are at, and more!